My mission is to help people take control of their health by expanding their capacity to live a healthy, vibrant life.


My vision is to help open new pathways of possibility – a neuroplasticity of life by being a trusted friend and medical advisor to every person in my care.  

Guiding Principles

Integrity. I am committed to uphold ethical standards and integrity in all aspects of my conduct and practice of medicine.

Educate. I am dedicated to give of myself as a teacher, sharing my expert knowledge to promote the well-being of my clients. To provide this and to remain on the cutting edge of health innovation, I am also dedicated to the active pursuit of my own continued professional medical education.

Empower. I strive to be a catalyst in helping my clients create their best health and help them know/realize/remember how great their bodies were designed to feel.

Collaborate. The paths to optimal state of health can be a maze and sometimes overwhelming.  I believe in the value of teamwork and focus on partnering with my clients to help guide them on their journeys.

Respect. I understand we are all individuals with our own unique backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and paths.  I seek to understand each client’s individual needs and respond to each with respect.

Inspire. I strive to be a source of honest inspiration to others in their journey to expand their capacity to live a healthy vibrant life.



My Story 

I specialize in the optimization of health with a special focus on integrative, functional, epigenetic and complementary approaches.  After working in various health care settings geared toward “sick-care”, I realized the need for more individualized care for those seeking to not only restore, but to upgrade their health. I wanted to assist others in getting to know how good our bodies were designed to feel!

Growing up as the inquisitive daughter of a local pediatrician in Ghana and Liberia, and later becoming a pre-med anthropology-zoology major at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I have always been fascinated with the human body, and even more so with the interplay of our nutrition, movement, sleep, stress responses, environment and even mindset and beliefs on our well being. 

As a medical student and during my early years as a resident doctor and a little beyond that, I struggled with tiredness, low exercise tolerance, poor strength, excess body fat, suboptimal muscle mass, headaches, nausea, adult acne, back pain, etc.  Yet and still, I was considered ‘healthy’!  I had many patients, family and friends living this very same contradiction as I was. They were healthy, but did not feel well.  This dilemma lead me to discover new approaches to sacred healthy living for my own life. These discoveries overflowed into and fueled my practice where I partnered with my clients to realize their boundless health potential.  It was along this path that it became more evident that body composition was a simple, but valuable biomarker that was too often overlooked. Now, I want to be able to share this assessment tool with you.

I attended Wayne State University School of Medicine and did the majority of my clinical rotations at the renowned Detroit Medical Center hospitals (and they say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!). I later gained the position as a Family Medicine resident physician at St. John’s Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan where I was nicknamed ‘Mama Bear’ by the intern doctors.  It was during my third year there, that I began to explore and learn more about integrative wellness-centered approaches. I have been fortunate to have had several mentors in the field and completed one of my most memorable medical rotations working at an integrative wellness practice in the San Francisco area.  

I love to learn, and I have spent countless hours furthering my education and continue to do so.  I am proud to say I was among the pioneer group of physicians studying epigenetics. I completed the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (ISNN) Summer School at the University of Camerino in Italy. 

I am board-certified in Family Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and Anti-Aging Medical Group (AAMG).  I draw from these foundations in bridging the gap between the “sick model” of health care to one which acknowledges and taps into the limitless health and wellness potential we all possess.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and canine kid. I love to throw down in the kitchen and I enjoy almost everything food-related, dancing, traveling and learning about different cultural and health practices from around the world.

I’m told my warm personality makes each of my clients feel like family, and that is my intention!