Body Scan & Vitality

If you’re ready for some clarity about the state of your health, you’ve come to the right place.  The body composition analysis will be able to tell you more about your health and alert you to the beginning stages of certain chronic diseases, showing you if you may be at risk.

Getting a body scan is a great way to initiate a brand new health plan and obtain tangible feedback. If you’re wanting more vitality in your life: more energy, stamina, zest and passion, a body scan can help guide your diet, fitness, sleep and other health and lifestyle regimens.


Body Scan & Fitness

If you’re a fitness lover or an athlete, the body scan is an ideal way for you to assess and track how your body is responding to your diet, exercise, sleep, stress management and other regimens. This technology is even more advanced than previous scans that use the bio-impedance technology. It is more affordable, accurate and faster than many other modalities and can be used as often as you need on your journey of peak performance.


Body Scan & 'Weight Loss' 

If you’re wanting to lose or gain weight, a body scan is a great place to begin. For example, consider these questions: Are you struggling with your weight? Can’t seem to lose belly fat? Nothing seems to be working? Or are you just not sure what’s working and what’s not? Do you know if you’re losing excess fat? Or are you gaining muscle? Or vice versa?

Relying on how your clothes fit, or how you look in a mirror, BMI, skin caliper tests, etc., do not provide as sufficient or accurate information as a body composition scan.  Knowing your body composition empowers you to create a more personalized plan with a higher likelihood of success. It’s also a great motivation tool!


Attention Health Professionals!

If you’re a health professional (personal trainer, doctor, nutritionist, physical therapist, PA, nurse, gym owner, etc..) and you’re looking for a trusted body composition analysis service, I would love to be of service to you and your patients, athletes, and other clients. The scanner I use (The InBody) is a patented, advanced technology which far surpasses the old bio-impedance options on the market. It is a great tool for more personalized assessments and plans and can help track the effectiveness of exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, hormone replacement therapy and other interventions you may use. I am also available to you for consultations and demonstrations.


Top Reasons to Get a Scan with Me:

  • I’m a doctor, and therefore, have less limitations than non-medical practitioners providing similar services. 
  • I have extensive experience and training in allopathic, functional, holistic and integrative medicine, as well as a background in nutrition, genomics, hormone health, sleep, environmental and lifestyle medicine. 
  • I’ve worked with diverse populations including athletes, professionals, elderly, etc.
  • My focus is more in-depth because it’s my main service offering.
  • I offer you plenty of time to answer your questions.
  • The scan is done in a beautiful, comfortable and private setting.


My Promise to You

You will leave here with valuable information for your weight management journey, your fitness regimen and a greater awareness about your overall health.