The InBody

The scanning device I use is the InBody brand and it uses bio-impedance (BIA) technology.

How it works: Safe low level currents are sent through the body through hand and foot electrodes. The current travels throughout your body water and encounters the different cells of your body (muscle cells, fat cells, skin cells, etc.) along the way.  Each cell has a certain ability to oppose (resist or impede) the current slightly as it travels on its path to the exit point.  By the time the current reaches its exit point, it will have lost some of its voltage. From here, impedance is determined and translated into your results. Voila!


Why I choose the InBody

The Inbody's patented bioelectric impedance technology (BIA) is revolutionary and far surpasses any other BIA technology out there.  In addition, it does not have the limitations of some of the the other body composition modalities.  

The InBody is:

  • able to tell us about not only the amount, but also the distribution of fat mass including visceral/belly fat,
  • practical, comfortable, and non-invasive,
  • more affordable and assessable than modalities of similar accuracy
  • not dependent on equations with variables like age, gender and race nor is it based on inherent assumptions,
  • not dependent on the performance of the subject nor the operator of the device 
  • fast. It takes less than 1 minute to perform!


How the InBody Compares to other BIA technology 

There are other devices on the market that use BIA technology.  All BIA devices are based on Ohm’s Law however, the InBody is not the same as a hand-held device or scale you may buy at a store or see at some gyms.  The InBody is a patented state of the art medical device and differs significantly from other BIA devices in the following ways:

  • InBody technology relies on direct measurement and can measure the body in a segmental fashion.
  • It is capable of accurately measuring impedance in the trunk region (belly fat). 
  • It uses multiple frequencies and does not need to use statistical (or empirical) data in calculating values.
  • It evaluates a wide range of body types, from extremely obese, to elderly, to athletic.
  • In addition, with my scan, you will have my expertise in interpreting the results and I can make recommendations specific to you.