Did you know your body composition is a vital piece of your health information that impacts you in many ways?

Knowing your body composition gives you tremendous insights into your body and health which you may otherwise have never known before. Body composition is such a valuable biomarker that I consider it as important to know as your blood cell counts, cholesterol levels and vital signs like your blood pressure and heart rate.

The body scan makes some of the invisible aspects of your body and health visible!

Get to know your body with a body composition scan!

The body composition scan I use measures the amount and distribution of important components of your body - muscle mass (part of lean mass), body fat (fat mass), and body water content (hydration status).

Muscle Mass: Our muscles help us move, sit, stand, and balance. They play a critical role in the prevention of conditions like metabolic syndromes, diabetes, osteoporosis and of course joint injuries and falls. Our muscles play a key role in protein metabolism and help maintain the muscle content of certain organs like the brain, heart and liver. They even play a role in our response to stress and acute illness. We need them!

Body Fat: Fat is a very vital component of our bodies.  Fat serves as fuel for the body, energy storage, insulation, etc. We need fat! However, in excess, fat, especially that stored in the abdomen around vital organs (known as visceral or belly fat), can be an indicator of stress on the body like poor sleep. Excess belly fat can also alert us to risk for diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, etc. 

Body Water Content: Water is life. We all know that dehydration can lead to a number of health issues. Also, knowing the water content ratio inside and outside of your cells can alert us to inflammation and/or injury.

Optimal body composition offers you:

  • Reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke

  • Increased energy and endurance

  • Reduced joint pain

  • Reduced chance of injury of knees, hip, low back

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Improved mood and self confidence

  • Improved breathing, respiration and lung function

  • Improved posture and gait

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improved athletic performance


Let’s look at what’s possible for you right now!

Believe it or not, you can begin to recreate your health by starting right where you are, right now by getting to know your body better with a simple body scan. Using the body scan, we can work together to take that first step to get you on track with your health!